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Advanced Silicone Product Supplier Capabilities

InterSil Provides All Silicone Products – Standard or Custom

Looking for just the right silicone compund to solve a specific need? Is a customized formulation, special color match or unusual batch run required? InterSil can help. As silicone product experts, we offer an impressive platform of capabilities designed to provide exactly what you need. Contact us now and we’ll get your silicone product order started.

Formulating and Compounding

Our silicone compounds are catalyzed and pigmented to accommodate all processes and end applications. We formulate to meet military, federal, ASTM, AMS, BMS, PWA, 3A, FDA, NSF, and many other specifications.

Customized Silicone Formulations – Problem Solving for Your Business

As an industry innovator with our own optimized laboratory and polymer chemistry staff, we are committed to producing customized formulations that meet the most challenging specs and help solve customer problems. Many of our silicone compounds are unique formulations that are not yet available to the mass silicone market.


Expertise and precision: We calender silicone compounds at a minimum thickness of 0.008 inch and up to 56 inches wide to fulfill the most diverse specs. We can also calender fabric-reinforced silicone.

Molded Silicone Sheets

Molded silicone sheets are available for solid and sponge applications including fluorosilicone and fluorosilicone sponge. Sheets are available for any domestic and foreign specs in thicknesses ranging from .032'' to .500'' in the following standard sizes: 6'' x 6'', 12'' x 12'', 18'' x 18'', 24'' x 24'', and 36'' x 36''.

  • Custom sizes are available
  • PSA available

Color Matching

We offer one of the most diverse silicone product color matching capabilities for aerospace, commercial and virtually any other industry. Master batches available.

Product testing/R&D

We bring you complete R&D services and tech support on site - no outsourcing. The ongoing resources at our facility include a fully optimized laboratory and on-staff polymer chemist.

Qualification Process

Going the extra mile: We will provide all required submittals and/or testing for qualification processes to meet any silicone compound specification.

Batch Runs to Meet all Needs

From small to enormous: To fulfill your need, we offer batch runs starting at just 3 pounds, all the way up to massive production scale.

Excellent Product Acceptance Rates

We are proud of our excellent track record in product acceptance, with less than 1% rejection rate - among the best in the industry. All InterSil silicone compounds are manufactured in the USA and we source exclusively from domestic suppliers. Contact us now to get started.

Silicone Products with Specific Capabilities

• High Strength Silicone
• High Heat Silicone/Heat-Resistant Silicone
• High Temp Calendered Rubber

Silicone Sheets

Meet domestic, foreign or custom specs. We offer:

• Solid silicone sheets
• Sponge silicone sheets
• Fluorosilicone sheets
• Fiberglass reinforced silicone sheets
• Calendered rubber sheets

Top Quality Silicone Supplier

InterSil supplies the highest quality silicone products and is a:

• Food grade silicone supplier
• Medical grade silicone supplier
• Source for commercial, construction and industrial silicone supplies
• Automotive silicone products manufacturer

Custom Silicone Manufacturing

InterSil supplies exactly what your company requires, including:

• Precision custom silicone molding
• Custom food-grade silicone products
• Custom silicone supplier
• Silicone prototyping
• Silicone rubber compound

Silicone Sponge

InterSil supplies silicone sponge products that are perfectly formulated, unlike most others on the market. Our silicone sponge items have unmatched functionality and quality. Products we can manufacture include:

• Silicone sponge rubber
• Silicone sponge rubber sheets
• Fluorosilicone sponge sheets
• Calendered silicone sponge rolls

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